Verizon Connect Flows

Verizon Connect® Flows™ is a visual tool that you can use to extend the functionality and integrations of existing Verizon Connect products. It is built on top of Node-RED, an open source tool that makes it easy to wire together APIs, hardware devices, and a variety of online services. Using Flows, you can perform sophisticated data transformation operations and rapidly develop and deploy customized forms, reports, user interfaces, and test environments.


Flows uses a combination of two interfaces:


A Developer Console, from which flows are created, deployed, and managed.
A drag-and-drop Flow Editor to design the flow of data between interconnected modules or nodes. These nodes are used to specify the input, output, and processing performed on data; for example by specifying an HTTP source, a TDE operation, and an HTTP output when generating a web form. The Flow Editor is also used to deploy and debug flows as they are developed, providing users with a powerful test environment for experimenting with new features.

How Do I Access It?

You can access Flows at A username and password are required to sign in.

If you are using TDE within Flows, an additional username and password are required to authenticate with TDE. Existing TDE users will already have these credentials.

Contact your account manager to enable these features on your account, if needed.

What's Next?

First, review the Developer Console and Flow Editor overview pages to understand the user interfaces you will use, then read through the quick start guide. These introduce the basic steps of creating, editing, and deploying flows, and importing and exporting flows as JSON format files.

Finally, read through the flows tutorials. These demonstrate the steps required to create functions, create a basic flow, communicate with TDE, display and format data on a web page, and communicate with external services.

Each of these tutorials includes JSON data that can be imported into your own flows to view the completed product, as well as guides that take you through their creation, step by step.